Cal Poly Sustainability


Earth Day 2005


April 22 2005 Noon to 5 PM


CAED Lower Plaza, OCOB Lawn,  COE Patio, near CENG




The Office of University Provost and the Academic SenateŐs newly formed Sustainability Committee sponsor an annual Earthday celebration to promote and showcase Cal PolyŐs progress toward Greening the Campus.   


This commitment follows upon President Baker's signing of the Talloires Declaration last Earth Day, pledging Cal Poly to join hundreds of Universities worldwide in pursuing this goal.


A small sampling of displays and presentations:


v    Biodiesel Fuel for Cal Poly vehicles

v    Replacing Styrofoam with Biodegradable cups and plates

v    Production and Distribution of Fair Trade Chocolates

v    Organic Vegetables from the Student Experimental Farm

v    Energy conservation and production in University Buildings

v    Moebius, the CLA JournalŐs issue devoted to Sustainability

v    Brizzolara Creek Restoration Program

v    Sustainable Grazing and Land Management projects

v    The College of EngineeringŐs Center for Sustainable Engineering programs

v    Interdisciplinary courses and minors in Sustainability

v    California State University Student Sustainability Coalition


Earth Day Picture Gallery

Speech by Professor Jim Harris, College of Engineering

Speech by Professor Rob Rutherford, College of Agriculture

Earth Day 2004, featuring David Orr

Earth Day 2002, featuring Amory Lovins